Monday, October 12, 2009

And another birthday bash!

On Sept. 26th, Boyd hit the big 1!!! We had a party at a local park, and he had a blast. As many of you know, Boyd wishes he had been born a lion, so it wasn't too hard to pick a theme for his bash. Lion cake, lion piñata, and little lion cub cupcakes... finished by a classic game of Pin-the-nose-on-the-lion!

Liz Hale came over and helped make the cake

Boyd was SO excited to see his lion cake! Nice work ladies!

This was by far Boyd's favorite activity. He could not believe we actually wanted him to hit the lion...

Did I mention he enjoyed hitting the piñata?

Boyd was not at all shy when it came to raiding the piñata loot, he ran right in and came up with his treasure, a tootsie roll... : )

I think he remembered this part from his party down in SoCal, he was ready to attack that cake!

Grandma Wilcox made the trip up the night before, just in time to help with all the preparations... And our little guy just loves his Grandma!

Boyd parties with the Sanders!

Grandma and Grandpa Sanders threw our little guy a party for his first birthday, and as usual, he loved the attention! He got some great gifts, but he really dug his first cake!

Boyd giving some "loves" to his new book, "Peek-a-boo kisses"

Big Boyd doin what he does best...

Boyd did NOT like being told he was "All Done." : )

Adventures in SoCal!

September was a fun month for us, Shelly and I were able to get some time off work, and we drove down to hang with family for a bit. Boyd did really well with the drive, (whew, we were sorta worried about that part) and we enjoyed catching up with everyone.

Boyd getting into trouble with his cousin Garrett.

Repentance.... part one ; )

Sorry for keeping you all hanging... we have been such lazy bloggers of late. Good thing we know about repentance! So here's to fresh starts, and stay tuned for more riveting updates about our little family... : )