Sunday, July 17, 2011

Mason's Big Month!

July, 2011

On July 14th, we took both boys in for a haircut appointment. Yes, I said, "Both boys!" Mason's hair was long when he was born and just before the cut it was about 5 inches in some areas--way too long for a 5 month old:( Poor guy had hair in his face, that is, until now!

This week (July 10-17th), Mason has been rolling all over the place and sitting up with help. He is super skinny (10% for his weight), and it is helping him get himself stuck in some pretty crazy places. Just today, I heard him screaming and found him rolled over while buckled into his chair, and later he did it again, but in his swing. I can't leave that kid anywhere anymore--no where is safe! He also has discovered how to old things with his feet--what a crazy Bear, or should I say, "MONKEY!"

Our Yosemite Trip

June-July 2011

Quentin's family had a reunion at Bass Lake at the end of June and into July of this year. We got to stay at an amazing cabin and enjoy Grandpa's boat everyday! Boyd especially loved sitting with Grandpa while Daddy drove the boat. We even got Boyd to ride the triple tube with us!

We also took a day trip to Yosemite and saw some pretty cool waterfalls. Quentin and I have decided that we need to go back when the boys are a little older so we can take advantage of some awesome bike trails and day hikes. Boyd still had fun seeing waterfalls and walking across some small creeks.

At the lake we started really encouraging Boyd to wear his "Big Boys" (underwear), so he can start preschool in the fall. He did great with only one accident that I can think of on the trip. He is still going strong with wearing his "Big Boys" and now says, "I go pee pee for preschool!" We have been telling him if he can wear his underwear than he can start preschool--and he is "so excited!" (his words) :)

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Let It Snow!

In March of this year it actually snowed in Gilroy.

I took a picture of Mason in our bay window, but unfortunately I didn't wake up Boyd for this photo opportunity:(