Sunday, July 17, 2011

Mason's Big Month!

July, 2011

On July 14th, we took both boys in for a haircut appointment. Yes, I said, "Both boys!" Mason's hair was long when he was born and just before the cut it was about 5 inches in some areas--way too long for a 5 month old:( Poor guy had hair in his face, that is, until now!

This week (July 10-17th), Mason has been rolling all over the place and sitting up with help. He is super skinny (10% for his weight), and it is helping him get himself stuck in some pretty crazy places. Just today, I heard him screaming and found him rolled over while buckled into his chair, and later he did it again, but in his swing. I can't leave that kid anywhere anymore--no where is safe! He also has discovered how to old things with his feet--what a crazy Bear, or should I say, "MONKEY!"

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RuSty and LaLa said...

He looks so different without his comb over