Monday, October 13, 2008

Mommy and Baby's First Outing On Their Own

This last Friday I had to take Boyd in for his 2 week check up, and wow, reality hit me hard. I realized just how difficult it is to get out of the house with a little guy. I thought that I was doing well with time and gave him a bath early, and took a shower myself. Well, by then Boyd suddenly was starving when it was time to leave the house, so I had to feed him. Then I was getting ready to load him up when I heard a grunt sound coming from him--oh no! He was starting to work on a messy diaper! I had no choice but to put him in his car seat and drive to San Jose to his doctor's appt.

Of course I showed up late and had to wait an additional 30 minutes past my appt. time for the next available slot. When I finally got into the exam room, you guessed it, he had made the messiest poopy diaper he has ever done! It took me almost 10 minutes to clean up this dirty diaper. But the nurse weighed our little guy and measured him, and I was amazed to learn that he has gained more than his birth weight back--he is 7 lbs. 2 oz. and 21 in. long. He is just growing so fast.

On the way home I had planned to go run some errands, but that all went out the window after such an exhausting trip to the doctor's. I just had enough energy to get to the gas station and to fill up, and that was just so I could get us home! But I am so proud of myself, I took my little Boyd out on his first outing without help--maybe I can do this! Being a parent is hard, but well worth all the work. And I have a newfound respect for all those moms out there who remember how much easier it was with only one kid!

Monday, October 6, 2008

Wet Boyd!

It is so fun being parents!!! I guess you might argue that after getting virtually no sleep for over a week, you can giggle over just about anything. But watching Boyd get his first little sponge bath from Shelly was more than I could handle. I'm just amazed at how much personality I'm noticing in the little guy. Yep, i'm totally smitten : )

Boyd doesn't have too much of a winter coat, so he does not like losing his clothes!

A little happier now, he liked the warm water in the washcloth!

He's a total cuddle-bug, and SOOOO cute

The last picture's flash caught his attention, and made for a perfect picture of the little guy!

All bundled up and smelling sweet!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Just some random shots from the hospital

I actually really enjoyed my stay at the hospital. Good Samaritan in San Jose took great care of Boyd, myself, and even my many visitors! They gave me free room service whenever I wanted it, and had a stocked pantry for all my family that came by.

While I was being induced, I was kinda jealous of Q, that he could have all the yummy treats in the pantry, while I was only allowed to sip on 1/2 a styrofoam cup of apple juice! For 13 hours! Q told me about some "Otter Pops" in the pantry freezer, but the nurses would not let me have one until after the delivery. So immediately after, while the doctor is stitching, and I am nursing, all I could think about was that delicious, icy cold, Otter Pop! Q brought it to me, and the nurse said, "wow, you are already multi-tasking!" I had 2 Otter Pops, 2 Popsicles, 2 strawberry Jellos, and 3 cups of juice within 30 mins of Boyd's arrival!

Burping my cute guy!

Settling him into his vibrating chair, and man does he love that binky!

Me Loving Boyd, and Boyd loving his blanket

2 days old, and already holding his pacifier in!

Ok, he still needs some practice!

Bath Time!

After arriving in my recovery room, Boyd got a visit from one of the nurses who gave him his first bath. I think he liked it!

More Boyd

I know you guys are sick of him already, but I can't get enough!

Grandma couldn't wait, and surprised us with a visit at the hospital

We are still trying to get Berkley away from him... She cannot stop hovering over her first little cousin!

Daddy and Boyd celebrating the Dodgers making the playoffs! GO DODGERS!!!

Finally, after 3 days in the hospital, they let us go home... here we are, all packed up, and ready for Boyd's first car ride!

4 days old, crashed out in his chair... what a life! : )