Wednesday, October 1, 2008

More Boyd

I know you guys are sick of him already, but I can't get enough!

Grandma couldn't wait, and surprised us with a visit at the hospital

We are still trying to get Berkley away from him... She cannot stop hovering over her first little cousin!

Daddy and Boyd celebrating the Dodgers making the playoffs! GO DODGERS!!!

Finally, after 3 days in the hospital, they let us go home... here we are, all packed up, and ready for Boyd's first car ride!

4 days old, crashed out in his chair... what a life! : )


Crazy Black family said...

YAY for pictures. They're cute, you guys. :) Good job makin a good looking little baby boy(d). With Q as the Dad, we were questioning things a little bit. heheh. And holy cow! Berkeley is a little Shawnda. Fun pictures. Thanks.

Chiemi said...

Sooooo cute! Nobody could possibly get sick of that adorableness!

Summer said...

How fun to have all your family around! Boyd sure is a cute little guy. And, go Dodgers - the Yankees fans are all mad & jealous - it's a beautiful thing.

Jennifer said...

Boyd must be a Dodgers good luck charm. I am shocked everynight when Dave comes to bed and tells me they have won another game against the Cubs, and away!!!! I love the pic of you guys with him in his car seat. Hope your recovery is going well.