Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Celebrating Halloween in Southern California

Oct. 31st, 2011

This year we decided to head down to Southern California to celebrate Halloween with the Sanders Family. It's not just for kids anymore, so you can only imagine the crazy costumes we were caught wearing.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Sharing is Caring

Oct. 18th, 2011

Tonight, Q was feeding Mason (8 months old) his cereal, and Q opened his mouth like he wanted some and Mason took his spoon and put it in Q's mouth. I later came home and Mason was feeding Boyd and Quentin, then I jumped in and asked, "Can I have a bite?" and Mason put the spoon in my mouth, too! I love that he loves to share! He is such a sweet little guy, and his brother really loves that he is interacting with him. Boyd gets soooo excited at any little thing that Mason does. Boyd loves that his brother is learning new things and understanding a little more each day.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Another Photo Shoot

Oct. 12th, 2011

Here are pictures of our boys, Mason at 8 months old and Boyd at 3 years.

Flash from the not so distant past!

Here are some pictures from August, 2011
Our trip to the Fire House with friends.

Here are some pictures from Sept. 7th, 2011
Boyd's first day of preschool.

Here are some pictures from Sept. 2011
Our trip to the Oakland Zoo with the family.

Boyd's Quotes to Remember!

Oct. 17th, 2011

Here are just a few of Boyd's famous quotes at 2 and 3 years old:

While driving and making a quick turn onto Monterey Street Boyd said, "Mom, we won!" He thought we were in a race and beat the other cars. (3 years)

While getting Boyd ready to go outside he said, "Sandals, teeth brushed, and MEAN guys!" Just part of getting ready in Boyd's eyes. (3 years old)

After the Luau, I asked Boyd what his favorite part was and he said, "The pretty dresses on their bottoms (the dancers' skirts)!" (2 years old)

Boyd just told me that he needs an oil change and he has to go bye bye to do it--this is instead of a diaper change! Yikes! Not sure the oil change will fix the messy diaper.
(2 years old)

Boyd (my 2 year old) scared me this morning, when I woke up to him standing over me in my bed at 4:30 in the morning asking me, "Mom, I'm hungry, can I have some pizza?!" I guess he liked the pizza I made last night for dinner, enough to wake me up in the middle of the night and scare me to death!

Boyd said the prayer tonight all by himself, and included, "...please bless the COWS!" His prayers from here on out include blessing the cows. (2 years old)

Boyd's new skill at 2 years old:

Okay, so I am a little scared about Boyd's new skills on the tablet and Netflix. Today, I turned around and he had turned the tv on and started Thomas on Netflix! Two weeks ago, his uncle J taught him Angry Birds on his IPhone and Ipad. Then he came home and Quentin taught him how to do it on the Tablet. Yikes!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Mason at 8 Months Old

Mason is a newly 8 month old who just learned how to say, "Ma, Ma" among other babbling words. He is constantly talking and looking at us like, "What you don't understand me--why!!!???" He is totally adorable and loves splashing in the bath and grabbing at the bubbles and eating them. He is way excited any time he hears or sees Boyd. They are such good brothers! We feel so blessed to have two healthy, sweet, loving boys.

Mason just learned how to do the following things:
~Says, "Yay! Yay! Yay!" while clapping.
~Says, "Hi, Hi, Hi!" while waving.
~Says, "Hi, Da Da!" while waving.
~Can give high fives!
~Can sign "more" with his hands.
~Crawled for the first time on Oct. 13th, 2011. He does it here and there but not all the time. He still prefers rolling over crawling.
~Started army crawling, really fast, the day after he crawled on all fours. I guess he figured out that he is faster at that!

New words that Mason learned while vacationing down South with family, just one week shy of turning 9 months old.
~Can say, "Granpa" for Grandpa--he learned this after visiting down south with Grandpa Sanders and Grandpa Wilcox
~Can say, "Gramma" for Grandma.
~Can say, "Nana" for banana. He loves eating a banana with any meal, and if he sees one he will ask for one.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Boyd, Our BIG 3 Yr. Old

Here are a few things that Boyd enjoys doing these days:
~Putting puzzles together all by himself
~Riding a tricycle
~Building towers
~Cruising on his big wheel
~Playing games and drawing on Daddy's Tablet
~Turning on Netflix and using the DVD player all by himself (he actually started doing this at 2 1/2 years old)
~Playing at Bob the Builder's house in the dirt pile (The Wharton's house)

Mason at 7 Months

Here are a few cool things that Mason can do:
~Rocking back and fourth on all fours
~Said, "Ow" after Boyd said it and then later that day he hit something with his head and said, "Ow"
~Rolls from room to room
~Likes playing peek-a-boo with Boyd
~Takes his pacifier out and puts it in Mom's mouth and giggles
~Eats small finger foods by himself and can eat with a spoon
~Claps his hands

Boyd's Birthday Bash!

Boyd had a great 3rd birthday! He celebrated, celebrated, and celebrated some more! He had Grandma Wilcox and Lori Gleason come up for his Wyatt and Boyd, "Bob the Builder" Party on Saturday, Sept. 24th. Where he had the most amazing dump truck cake made by Grandma Wilcox and Daddy. Grandma and Grandpa Wilcox bought him a really cool gerbil ball for kids, clothes, and Legos--which he LOVES!
Then the following Monday, he had a birthday party with Mom, Dad, Mason and our neighbors, Randy and Linda. Where he got a jump house, trains, and a Bob the Builder movie.
The following Thursday, Mom made him dinosaur cupcakes to take to preschool. All the kids licked the frosting off the cakes and played with the toy dinosaurs. So much for making a hypo-allergenic cake--it was nasty!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Looking Back, August 2011

Fun things Mason learned to do at 6 months (Aug. 2011):
~Wave and Say "Hn, Hn" (Hi)
~Scoot all over the place
~Roll and Roll and Roll to get whatever we wants or just to catch up with Boyd
~Crashing down Boyd's castles
~Playing trains with Boyd, making tunnels with his arms for Boyd to send his trains through
~Got himself up on all 4's

Fun things Boyd started doing at 2 years and 11 months old (Aug.-Sept. 2011):
~Wrote "B" and "D" and told us he wrote his name and said, "B-O-Y-D, Boyd"
~Started preschool!

Oakland Zoo, Sept. 17, 2011

Just thinking about yesterday's mishap at the Oakland Zoo...Q was looking at the alligator exhibit and I was on the other side of it with Boyd (about 10 feet from him). Q yelled, "HI!" to Boyd and Boyd immediately yelled back, "DADDY!" Needless to say, Boyd began climbing the exhibit and got on the top of the first fence before I could grab him. The crazy part was that that was the high part of the fence and Boyd could not see the alligator only 10 feet from him. He only had to go over another 2.5 ft. fence and then he would be in the exhibit---I am so calling the zoo and complaining about the exhibit and how unsafe it was. It wasn't like I was not right there with him, but kids are so fast!

Other than that, we had a great visit to the zoo. The kids had sooo much fun! Boyd loved seeing the elephants and playing on the spider web rope and caterpillar slide. Mason's favorite part was getting his first taste of an Icee off of Dad. Overall, a good day trip--Boyd made it home and we didn't have to fight off an alligator!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Mason's Big Month!

July, 2011

On July 14th, we took both boys in for a haircut appointment. Yes, I said, "Both boys!" Mason's hair was long when he was born and just before the cut it was about 5 inches in some areas--way too long for a 5 month old:( Poor guy had hair in his face, that is, until now!

This week (July 10-17th), Mason has been rolling all over the place and sitting up with help. He is super skinny (10% for his weight), and it is helping him get himself stuck in some pretty crazy places. Just today, I heard him screaming and found him rolled over while buckled into his chair, and later he did it again, but in his swing. I can't leave that kid anywhere anymore--no where is safe! He also has discovered how to old things with his feet--what a crazy Bear, or should I say, "MONKEY!"

Our Yosemite Trip

June-July 2011

Quentin's family had a reunion at Bass Lake at the end of June and into July of this year. We got to stay at an amazing cabin and enjoy Grandpa's boat everyday! Boyd especially loved sitting with Grandpa while Daddy drove the boat. We even got Boyd to ride the triple tube with us!

We also took a day trip to Yosemite and saw some pretty cool waterfalls. Quentin and I have decided that we need to go back when the boys are a little older so we can take advantage of some awesome bike trails and day hikes. Boyd still had fun seeing waterfalls and walking across some small creeks.

At the lake we started really encouraging Boyd to wear his "Big Boys" (underwear), so he can start preschool in the fall. He did great with only one accident that I can think of on the trip. He is still going strong with wearing his "Big Boys" and now says, "I go pee pee for preschool!" We have been telling him if he can wear his underwear than he can start preschool--and he is "so excited!" (his words) :)

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Let It Snow!

In March of this year it actually snowed in Gilroy.

I took a picture of Mason in our bay window, but unfortunately I didn't wake up Boyd for this photo opportunity:(

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Sweet Dreams

Mar. 20th, 2011

Tonight I asked Boyd to say prayers, and he did! I totally expected to have to help him from start to finish and he totally surprised me by saying it all by himself. He hesitated in the middle of his prayer, and I went to help him, just to have him cut me off to say, "thankful for Mom, Dad, Boyd, and Mason." He also mentioned something about going bye-bye. I only wish Quentin was home to witness this! I love a child's prayer, because it is so pure and sweet! Boyd has such a sweet heart.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Peep! Peep! Peep!

Mar. 8th, 2011

A couple of days ago, I gave Boyd (our 2 year old) a rabbit peep for the first time, and I told him to eat the ears first. Well, today he was playing with my decorative rabbits and ate the ear off of one of them:( Be careful what you tell your 2 year old, they just might think that it applies to everything!

Boyd's Disneyland Trip

Monorail rides!!!

So many of you are probably thinking, you are crazy for having taken a two week old to Disneyland--and you are so right!!! But, you really need to understand the reason behind it, before you totally judge us:)

Since Nov. 2011, Boyd has been asking to go back to Disneyland everyday. We told Boyd that we couldn't go, because we needed to wait for Baby Mason to come. He took that very well, but reminded us 5 times everyday. "When Baby Mason comes, I go see pop pop fireworks with Mommy, Daddy, Baby Mason, Boyd, and Grandma and Grandpa, too!"

Well, you could imagine what happened when Baby Mason finally did come home..."When Baby Mason comes, I go see pop pop fireworks with Mommy, Daddy, Baby Mason, Boyd, and Grandma and Grandpa, too! AND THAT'S BABY MASON!!!" Boyd was pretty upset that we didn't deliver Disneyland right away and we knew that if we were to ever redeem ourselves with Boyd, we needed to take Boyd to Disneyland. We really couldn't be known as LIARS in our son's eyes.
Waiting for the train

Mom & Mason on Small World

The whole lot of us racing to the fire!

Boyd having a terrible time... :)

Picture Time with Auntie Jenny

Feb. 16th, 2011

Auntie Jenny flew out to our house from Washington to take pictures of our cute, adorable Mason.

Mason gets a visitor at the hospital!

While Shelly and Mason were still at the hospital, they got a surprise visitor, BOYD! He was real excited to see Mommy again, but we couldn't keep him away from his new brother.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Boyd, the big brother : )


Boyd hasn't been able to keep his hands off his new brother. Mason feels very comfortable with him, and they are dang cute together!
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