Monday, January 19, 2009

One December, and three Christmases!

December, 2008

December was a great month, and we got to see so much of our family! We traveled to LA on the 23rd, but before we left, we were able to have a small little Christmas celebration in our home.
Santa brought Boyd a new baby gym, and he LOVED it!

Mommy improved on the whole idea by adding Daddy's slinky... : )

He couldn't wait to tell his Dad about all his great loot!

Then, on Christmas day, we were at Shelly's parents home in Garden Grove, and Boyd got to see lots of Shelly's family, at least when his uncle Jerec would let him go... Wow, they were inseparable!L to R: Markie, Grandma Sanders, and Shelly with Boyd. And that chicken cutting board is from us! : )

L to R: Candy, Big Mark, Ollie (the dog), Berkley, Jerec, and Shawnda

Shelly's favorite present! He loves that caterpillar that his cousin Berkley got him!

The next day we were at my parent's place in Downey, and Boyd was mobbed by all his Wilcox/Lane cousins. We really enjoyed seeing our family, and getting to share that wonderful Christmas spirit with them!

Aunt Liz getting to know the real Boyd... the nap king

Christmas dinner with the Wilcox/Lane grandkids

Any more grandkids, and we are going to have to reserve a party hall!

A little Christmas music to finish off the night, thanks Willie and Dad!

Gilroy Gardens' Holiday Lights

On Dec. 20th, 2008, we invited our friends Glen and Aimee (and Boyd's little friend, Gage) to go to the local theme park here in Gilroy to see the Christmas lights that they had put up. And, since Shelly works there, we were able to get in for pretty cheap! : )
We all had a great time, and survived the chilly air! We love Christmas time!

Boyd really liked the lights everywhere, but it was too cold to keep him out for long.

Gage was dressed a little warmer than Boyd, so he got to hang out on his daddy's shoulder.

As we were leaving the park, we wanted to take one more family picture, but Boyd was already asleep... So here we are!

Our Christmas tree, Oh, Christmas tree...

I was very proud of myself this year, and actually got our Christmas tree up in time for Christmas! Yeah, i know, I'm amazing...

We had a fun time decorating it, and Boyd was happy watching us put up the twinkle lights from his chair. We sure do love Christmas time!

It's Story Time!

Boyd loved Six Little Twinkling Stars, especially the little flashing lights.

Dec. 7, 2008

Quentin has decided that he is going to start reading a bed time story to Boyd every night that he is home. I caught a few pictures of their first "Story Time" and I am happy that they both seem to be enjoying it.

Here Comes Santa Claus!

Oh yeah, Santa! Can you touch your nose? I can!!!
OOH, twinkling lights.
Snoozing in Santa's arms.
The perfect picture of Boyd with Santa. Thanks to Daddy!

Dec. 5, 2008

It was love at first site! Boyd's favorite colors are red, black and white, so of course we knew that Boyd would hit it off with Santa.

Daddy Day

Boyd is already multitasking--holding his bottle and his pacifier.

Dec. 4, 2008

It's "Daddy Day" at the Wilcox home, our first one actually. I returned to work to help out for a special event, and Quentin stayed home with Boyd. I heard that Quentin asked his friend, "What was Shelly thinking, leaving Boyd home with me?" Well, I thought it would be a good bonding moment for the boys.

Anyways, the reason why I am blogging this is because of what I discovered when I returned home. Boyd was holding his own bottle, and not just for a few seconds at a time. He was holding it until he finished it. I was impressed! I asked Quentin, "How did you teach him to hold his own bottle?" Quentin replied, "Easy, he could not eat unless he could hold his own bottle." Okay, so that is borderline abuse, but it paid off and we are all reaping the benefits.

Graduation Day

Dec. 1, 2008

Boyd has graduated, from his bassinet. He is no longer in our room, but his room. He loves his crib! Some mornings he wakes up at 5:30 a.m. to sing us a morning song, and then returns back to sleep. He is quite the talker, and we love it!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Boyd's Blessing Day

Boyd getting dressed and ready for his big day.
Boyd smiling for the camera.
Right before going into the Church for his blessing.
Boyd tuckered out after his blessing.
The Wilcox Family
Nov. 30, 2008

Today Boyd was blessed in the Downey 3rd Ward by his daddy, Quentin. Q did such a great job and it is a day that will forever be remembered. Most of our family was able to attend the blessing, because we had his blessing the Sunday after Thanksgiving.

Yay for Sleeping Babies

Nov. 22, 2008

Boyd surprised everyone at my parent's house, but mostly me, he slept through the night for the first time. He went down at 10 p.m. and woke up at 5:30 a.m. I forgot how much I missed sleep. I had been running on zero for at least 9 months. I couldn't sleep well when I was pregnant and heaven know I couldn't sleep as a new mom. How wonderful it is to have a baby sleeping through the night.

Flying with Baby

Nov. 19th, 2008

So, as many of you know, it is difficult to travel with a baby. This was actually my first time traveling with Boyd and I will never forget it!
Originally, Q was suppose to take Boyd and myself to the airport, but he was called away down south for all of the fires. He was gone for a week and the day he was returning was the day that I was flying down south--it was nearly 2 weeks when we say Q again. I ended up getting a ride to the airport and everything went smoothly, that is, until I got on the plane. Boyd was hungry, so I bottle fed him and he ended up drinking the whole bottle before we took off. I discovered that I could give him his pacifier and continue to pull it away from him in order to get him to continue sucking, so his ears would not hurt. On the way down, Boyd decided he needed to go # 2 and he did. While going down he screamed and screamed, because his ears hurt due to not taking a bottle/pacifier and his #2 diaper was irritating his yeast infection. It wasn't until we got off the plane that I could change him, but I figured it could wait until I got in my mother-in-law's car. Once we landed, I got all of the bags and started loading everything in the car. That is when I realized that I left the car base in the airport--I had to run back with Boyd screaming and Q's mom circling the airport. It was crazy!!!
All ended well, Boyd got his diaper changed, I got his car base, and my dear mother-in-law called my father-in-law for yeast infection medication. We can happily say, "We survived our first flight!"

Discovering Toys

On Nov. 10, Boyd discovered his toys. We love that he is now playing with his toys and they are no longer just cute ornaments hanging from his chair and play gym.

Park Day

On Nov. 7th, I took Boyd to his first "Park Day". Every Friday the moms from church all get together and go to the park with their kids. It is really nice because all of the kids have a great time and the moms get to socialize. Boyd's first "Park Day" was a fun one. He enjoyed people watching. When he gets older I am going to have to take him to Disneyland to people watch, and I will probably let him go on a few rides, too!

Oh, and how could I forget to mention that he held his bottle for the 2nd time--all by himself!!! This is a big step and it makes mom and dad's life easier.

Boyd's New Trick

On Nov. 3rd, Boyd figured out that he could roll onto his back when he is tired of "tummy time."

Save the date! Boyd giggled!!!

On Oct. 27th, our little guy woke up at his regular feeding time--4 a.m.! This is typical for a 1 month old, but what followed was momentous. While feeding my little guy, he pulled away and smiled and let out his first little laugh. I will never forget this! It almost brought me to tears just hearing his sweet little laugh. Fortunately, I was feeding Boyd in our bed, so Q heard it too. What a happy moment.

These days, Boyd will laugh at anything that his daddy says--just the sound of his voice will bring him to a full-on belly laugh. He is his daddy's little boy.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Boyd's First Halloween!

Boyd told us he wanted to be a spider for his first Halloween, so here he is looking spidery.

Our Silly Spider is showing off his costume for Mommy.

Apparently he is a garden spider.

Oh, no wait, he is a Silly Spider--eyes crossed and all.

Boyd has had enough of his costume, and he is telling Mom and Dad to take him out of it, NOW!

Boyd was waiting all evening to go trick-or-treating, but ended up too tired to go out. Maybe next year!

Visit from Shelly's side...

Boyd with Auntie Shawnda

Snuggling with his cousin Berkley

Grandma was very excited to play with Boyd...

There were lots of kisses, and more kisses, and more...

Boyd wondering "what kinda family did I get born into???"

In the last part of October 08, Shelly's family came up and visited us... or actually, they tried to steal our little one from us! We were lucky to have cousin Berkley, aunt Shawnda, and grandma Sanders with us for a few days, and we appreciated the babysitting help! Heaven knows we needed the rest... : )

Docent "Thank You" dinner

On Oct. 24th, Shelly planned a dinner for all the docent volunteers at her work. And, as a surprise, she brought Boyd, dressed up as a docent! Thanks, Chiemi, for the perfect vest!

No, we did not all die...

Just in case you, our dear friends and family, were concerned... : )

We'll try and do better with our blogging from now on, promise! We oughta have enough material...