Monday, January 19, 2009

Daddy Day

Boyd is already multitasking--holding his bottle and his pacifier.

Dec. 4, 2008

It's "Daddy Day" at the Wilcox home, our first one actually. I returned to work to help out for a special event, and Quentin stayed home with Boyd. I heard that Quentin asked his friend, "What was Shelly thinking, leaving Boyd home with me?" Well, I thought it would be a good bonding moment for the boys.

Anyways, the reason why I am blogging this is because of what I discovered when I returned home. Boyd was holding his own bottle, and not just for a few seconds at a time. He was holding it until he finished it. I was impressed! I asked Quentin, "How did you teach him to hold his own bottle?" Quentin replied, "Easy, he could not eat unless he could hold his own bottle." Okay, so that is borderline abuse, but it paid off and we are all reaping the benefits.


Chiemi said...

ROCK ON!!! It is an awesome day when kids start holding their own bottles. Good job Q!

anotherhale said...
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anotherhale said...

Quote: "Easy, he could not eat unless he could hold his own bottle."

Was this because you were busy playing Guitar Hero and you could only give him partial attention? :)

Familia Fitzgerald said...

Lol, That's right! So nice to read about your beautiful family and what you guys are up to, post more often girl! ;D