Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Save the date! Boyd giggled!!!

On Oct. 27th, our little guy woke up at his regular feeding time--4 a.m.! This is typical for a 1 month old, but what followed was momentous. While feeding my little guy, he pulled away and smiled and let out his first little laugh. I will never forget this! It almost brought me to tears just hearing his sweet little laugh. Fortunately, I was feeding Boyd in our bed, so Q heard it too. What a happy moment.

These days, Boyd will laugh at anything that his daddy says--just the sound of his voice will bring him to a full-on belly laugh. He is his daddy's little boy.


Chiemi said...

I love this picture!!! So cute! That's awesome that you both go to hear him laugh for the first time.

Jennifer said...

Such a fantastic picture!!!!

RuSty and LaLa said...

So cute. I think any one would find Quentin a tad bit strange. Enough to bring on laughter. I love it.