Monday, January 19, 2009

One December, and three Christmases!

December, 2008

December was a great month, and we got to see so much of our family! We traveled to LA on the 23rd, but before we left, we were able to have a small little Christmas celebration in our home.
Santa brought Boyd a new baby gym, and he LOVED it!

Mommy improved on the whole idea by adding Daddy's slinky... : )

He couldn't wait to tell his Dad about all his great loot!

Then, on Christmas day, we were at Shelly's parents home in Garden Grove, and Boyd got to see lots of Shelly's family, at least when his uncle Jerec would let him go... Wow, they were inseparable!L to R: Markie, Grandma Sanders, and Shelly with Boyd. And that chicken cutting board is from us! : )

L to R: Candy, Big Mark, Ollie (the dog), Berkley, Jerec, and Shawnda

Shelly's favorite present! He loves that caterpillar that his cousin Berkley got him!

The next day we were at my parent's place in Downey, and Boyd was mobbed by all his Wilcox/Lane cousins. We really enjoyed seeing our family, and getting to share that wonderful Christmas spirit with them!

Aunt Liz getting to know the real Boyd... the nap king

Christmas dinner with the Wilcox/Lane grandkids

Any more grandkids, and we are going to have to reserve a party hall!

A little Christmas music to finish off the night, thanks Willie and Dad!


Andrea said...

fun pictures! I loved seeing you guys! Boyd is so adorable and you guys are such a cute family!

Chiemi said...

What a fun christmas! I am LOVING the picture of Boyd in the christmas box. He is so adorable.

Callie said...

Fun!! I'm so glad you found me. What a darling little boy! Looks like you guys had a great Christmas! I'm glad we can keep in touch via blogging!

Summer said...

Busy Christmas for you guys! Boyd is so cute and tiny, I can see why Jarret didn't want to give him up.

RuSty and LaLa said...

Well, too bad we missed each other. I am sure boyd is still trying to figure out what's missing in his life. Its me! He needs some lovin from his Aunty Lala. FUn trip. Now we are just waiting for Florida pics

Malpractice said...

Oh I see, you reserve the good gifts like chicken cutting boards for the people you SEE at Christmas. It's cool, I got a t-shirt.
When are you guys going to come up and see WA?