Sunday, September 18, 2011

Looking Back, August 2011

Fun things Mason learned to do at 6 months (Aug. 2011):
~Wave and Say "Hn, Hn" (Hi)
~Scoot all over the place
~Roll and Roll and Roll to get whatever we wants or just to catch up with Boyd
~Crashing down Boyd's castles
~Playing trains with Boyd, making tunnels with his arms for Boyd to send his trains through
~Got himself up on all 4's

Fun things Boyd started doing at 2 years and 11 months old (Aug.-Sept. 2011):
~Wrote "B" and "D" and told us he wrote his name and said, "B-O-Y-D, Boyd"
~Started preschool!

Oakland Zoo, Sept. 17, 2011

Just thinking about yesterday's mishap at the Oakland Zoo...Q was looking at the alligator exhibit and I was on the other side of it with Boyd (about 10 feet from him). Q yelled, "HI!" to Boyd and Boyd immediately yelled back, "DADDY!" Needless to say, Boyd began climbing the exhibit and got on the top of the first fence before I could grab him. The crazy part was that that was the high part of the fence and Boyd could not see the alligator only 10 feet from him. He only had to go over another 2.5 ft. fence and then he would be in the exhibit---I am so calling the zoo and complaining about the exhibit and how unsafe it was. It wasn't like I was not right there with him, but kids are so fast!

Other than that, we had a great visit to the zoo. The kids had sooo much fun! Boyd loved seeing the elephants and playing on the spider web rope and caterpillar slide. Mason's favorite part was getting his first taste of an Icee off of Dad. Overall, a good day trip--Boyd made it home and we didn't have to fight off an alligator!