Sunday, October 9, 2011

Mason at 8 Months Old

Mason is a newly 8 month old who just learned how to say, "Ma, Ma" among other babbling words. He is constantly talking and looking at us like, "What you don't understand me--why!!!???" He is totally adorable and loves splashing in the bath and grabbing at the bubbles and eating them. He is way excited any time he hears or sees Boyd. They are such good brothers! We feel so blessed to have two healthy, sweet, loving boys.

Mason just learned how to do the following things:
~Says, "Yay! Yay! Yay!" while clapping.
~Says, "Hi, Hi, Hi!" while waving.
~Says, "Hi, Da Da!" while waving.
~Can give high fives!
~Can sign "more" with his hands.
~Crawled for the first time on Oct. 13th, 2011. He does it here and there but not all the time. He still prefers rolling over crawling.
~Started army crawling, really fast, the day after he crawled on all fours. I guess he figured out that he is faster at that!

New words that Mason learned while vacationing down South with family, just one week shy of turning 9 months old.
~Can say, "Granpa" for Grandpa--he learned this after visiting down south with Grandpa Sanders and Grandpa Wilcox
~Can say, "Gramma" for Grandma.
~Can say, "Nana" for banana. He loves eating a banana with any meal, and if he sees one he will ask for one.

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