Monday, October 6, 2008

Wet Boyd!

It is so fun being parents!!! I guess you might argue that after getting virtually no sleep for over a week, you can giggle over just about anything. But watching Boyd get his first little sponge bath from Shelly was more than I could handle. I'm just amazed at how much personality I'm noticing in the little guy. Yep, i'm totally smitten : )

Boyd doesn't have too much of a winter coat, so he does not like losing his clothes!

A little happier now, he liked the warm water in the washcloth!

He's a total cuddle-bug, and SOOOO cute

The last picture's flash caught his attention, and made for a perfect picture of the little guy!

All bundled up and smelling sweet!


Grandma Wilcox said...

Boyd looks even better in real life! He's a cutie!

Crazy Black family said...

Awww, pictures with his eyes open! He's so cute. :) And Boyce and I liked the editing job. Way to keep it G-rated, Q!!

Chiemi said...

SO cute!! I was cracking up over the editing. I love that picture of him looking over Shelly's shoulder.

Jennifer said...

Wow, you must be special to get a comment from Grandma!!!! I love Botd's little privacy protector. So crazy that in that first picture your hand is the entire width of his chest. He is so tiny.

RuSty and LaLa said...

Seriously...ditto to everyone elses comments.

What a cutie! I think Boyd needs to just avoid winter all together and come to hawaii to see his favorite aunt Susanna. All in favor...say aloha

Willie said...

He is such a cutie! I love the flailing new baby reflex!I love all the pics! He is adorable!

Olivia said...

So cute. I love the wrinkle head. Get lots of pictures of that because as their head grows it disappears. So sweet. Congrats again.

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